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Coming soon: "Eating 'Round the Toilet Stool"

You never know when life will end, so ‘ride while you can’ as fast as you can. ‘Catch the new day before it goes away.’ This is the second in the series of collected poetry dedicated to my wife, Kathleen Ann Welsh-Drummond. She passed away last year on July 31, one year before I was set to retire. It was one year before we could spend the rest of our days undistracted on an island, in each other’s loving arms.

This collection of poems is about life, love, memories, and grief, all written from a black man’s point of view. There are poems filled with happiness and laughter, and yes, there are some poems about oppression and death.

Most of my poetry is free form or free flow, as I like to say. I write what I know, what I see, and what I feel. Many ask if what I write is biographical. My answer is yes, and no. In the words of my grandmother, ‘I lie for a living.’ What else do you expect a writer to say? As for my poetry style, have you ever come across a writer whose work you read sounds like it came out of your own voice? I have. That writer is Langston Hughes. I won’t be so bold as to say I’m as good as he is, but we could have been twins born a generation apart. Okay, maybe that was bold, but that’s up to you, dear reader, to judge.

I want to thank you if you got this far in my boast… er, post. Buy this book I’m calling ‘Eating ‘round the Toilet Stool.’ I promise you won’t go wrong. And while you’re at it, pick up my first volume of poetry, ‘Boy, Kant You Read.’ Don’t forget to leave a review and tell your friends. It’s a short read, so maybe they will read it too.

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